Bishops’ Pastoral Plans

The pastoral plans for the Dioceses of Dallas and Fort Worth are now available in the Pastoral Plans for Cursillo section of the Cursillo page.

Our Mission

Fr. Bob CorleyCursillo provides a method for Christians to discern and respond to the call that God has called them to. Come explore the upward call of God in Jesus Christ in the spread of his Kingdom.

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Gran Ultreya / Grand Ultreya

Spanish: To be announced

English: To be announced

Bring a friend and a covered dish and join us for this event

Grand Ultreya is a “reunion of reunions.” This gathering is for members of the Dallas / Fort Worth Cursillo Movement. Bring a friend and a covered dish and come join us for amazing worship, singing, and fellowship!  Bring your instruments if you would like to play with the music group.


Cursillo 318

August 13-16, 2015

Cancelled due to low enrollment. As a community let’s double our efforts to sponsor people on upcoming events:

#319: October 15-18 at Camp Crucis

#321: February 4-7 at Camp Crucis

#322: March 10-13 at Camp All Saints


Cursillo 319

October 15-18, 2015

Camp Crucis


Nate Hyde, St. Peter & St. Paul, Arlington

Spiritual Advisors

Fr. Michael Brooks
Deacon Gail Kleinschmidt
Fr. Jerry Morriss

Team & Participants

Day of Deeper Understanding

November 7, 2015

Register by October 9


Cursillo #320


Ana De Loa
San Bernabé, , Garland

Camp Crucis

Consejeros Espirituales:
Padre Noe Mendez

Equipo y Participantes

Día de entendimiento

5 de diciembre

Team Orientation

Have you been to Cursillo and would like to share the experience with others? Would you like to help raise up servant leaders in the Church? One way is to serve on a team.

Spanish Training

to be announced

English Training  

to be announced

If you are interested in training to be on a Cursillo team please contact us.

Register for Team Training


Servant Community

Mark your calendars!

Dallas Servant Community 

To be announced

Fort Worth Servant Community

Watch for updates

Everyone is invited!

S. O. S.

School of SpiritualityThe School of Spirituality explores the nine levels of spirituality found in the Beatitudes. Participants will explore their spiritual type, learning from the classical saints of the Church to further a spiritual life of growth in Christ. Sessions are the second Saturday of each month beginning October 11, 2014. information and registration.


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